Carbs in Chitterlings

Chitterlings: Carbs

Chitterlings, Raw (1 lb raw with refuse, yields, excluding refuse)
Chitterlings, Simmered (1 lb raw yields)
Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

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Generate a detailed nutrition label for chitterlings. The chitterlings food label will look just like what appears on a carton of milk.

Carbs Values for Similar Foods

Bacon, Canadian, Unheated (10 ounces)
Ribs, Pork, Braised (10 ounces)
Chitterlings, Simmered (10 ounces)


Chitterlings Nutrition Facts

For additional information and a full food facts label for chitterlings try our chitterlings food facts page.  You can change the currently displayed amount of chitterlings to a different amount on this page.  After this, use RecipeBuilder to add the food to a stored list of up to 25 ingredients.  Once all of the ingredients aggregated, a new label will be generated which adds up the nutrient values for the entire recipe.